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1. There is an alloy having a higher strength than steel and a longer elongation than a rubber band. Guess what it is. 

2. Have you even seen a metal arranging itself as a maze?

3. Who cut the nano-particles in alloyed steel?

4. Can you use red laser shooting to a transparent crystal and let it become green?

5. What is the shell of heat tracing missile bullet made of? Steel, ceramic or glass?

6. How big is this diamond? It actually grew from the nano-sized interface of metal sulfide. 

7. Nano-sized titanium dioxide was formed by an ultrahigh pressure. It was found within a 9 mm^2 garnet. Is it like to look for a needle in a haystack?

8. The smallest kangaroo in the world is hiding between many nano-particles with sizes of ~60 nm. This can be observed by a transmission electron microscope.